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Please complete and submit the form below to receive an information pack. This pack contains:

  • Code of Practice
  • Information about our fees and charges.
  • Information about English proficiency requirements
  • RPL overviews for
    • 11021NAT Certificate IV in English Language Teaching (TESOL)
    • 11020NAT Diploma of English Language Teaching (TESOL)
  • RPL Pre-assessment Forms for
    • 11021NAT Certificate IV in English Language Teaching (TESOL)
    • 11020NAT Diploma of English Language Teaching (TESOL)
    • Upgrade to 11020NAT Diploma of English Language Teaching (TESOL) from 11021NAT Certificate IV in English Language Teaching (TESOL)
The relevant RPL Pre-assessment Form is to be completed and submitted with your application

Before all the effort and expense of the recognition process, your answers to the questions below will help us to advise you

  • whether the recognition that we offer is suitable to your needs
  • whether it is likely you have the necessary experience, skills and knowledge required for recognition .
  • whether you would need to consider Gap Training to make up any gaps to the requirements of this qualification

As far as possible we try to make sure that you do not apply  for recognition  that is inappropriate for you

To enrol for RPL/RCC or gap training in TESOL you need to have a sound level of proficiency in written and spoken English.  See details of evidence required on this page. You will need your evidence document(s) of English proficiency ready to submit with your application.

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    Can you provide evidence of a sound level of English proficiency? (required)


    You can get more details by selecting "About Entry Requirements for TESOL" on the side menu.

    You will be asked to upload your evidence during the application process.
    If you unable to provide documented evidence of English proficiency we would need to have a conversation with you to assess your spoken and written English proficiency before your application is accepted.

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