Complaints Process

(Grievance Procedure)

Grievances (as distinct from assessment appeals) concern such things as the manner and timeliness of communication; financial disputes and the manner of conduct of the RPL/RCC process and gap training.

We will provide access to a just and equitable process for dealing with grievances. Grievances should in the first instance be brought to the person who is the object of your grievance. Should this fail to bring resolution you may take the matter to the Principal Executive Officer (PEO).

At this stage, the process is informal and conciliatory. Your views will be heard and respected. Our position and policy will be clearly communicated without prejudice.

Should this informal process not bring resolution you may enter a formal process by submitting a complaint in writing within 20 working days.

The formal complaint will initially be responded to by the PEO, or in the case of the complaint being directed toward the PEO, one or more Board members may consider it.

You may do this by submitting your complaint to the Secretary of the Board (email: [email protected])

Once we have received the complaint the review will begin within 15 calendar days, usually immediately.  We should  finalise the process within 60 calendar days. If the process requires more than 60 calendar days to finalise the complaint we will:

  • inform you in writing, including reasons why we require more than 60 calendar days and

  • regularly update you on the progress of the matter

Any applicant entering into the complaints process remains enrolled during the period while the complaint is in process.

In cases where no resolution is possible through the means described above, you can submit a complaint to ASQA.

ASQA explains the complaints process at this website  You can register and make your complaint using ASQA’s website

We will implement the final decision and/or corrective action required as a result of the complaints/appeals process, immediately that we have finalised process(including  any independent person or body involved by request) whether that result upholds the original decision or finds in favour of the student.

We will record and hold in confidence all procedures, agreements and action steps.

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