Recognition of Prior Learning

Australian based RPL assessments for Certificate IV in TESOL

The RPL (recognition of prior learning) process involves recognising your skills and ability levels based on prior learning, education, experience or knowledge.  If you have taken a previous course and have current skills and knowledge in this field you are eligible for an RPL assessment in the Certificate IV in TESOL.

RPL gives you an opportunity to get an Australian accredited qualification on the basis of previous training and current skills and knowledge.

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal acknowledgement of knowledge and skills obtained through activities such as:

  • Formal courses and training programs (e.g. at University or other institutions)
  • Informal courses or training (e.g. a non-accredited program completed in preparation for volunteer work)
  • Private study (e.g. done for enjoyment via the internet)
  • Employment (e.g. skills and knowledge gained through employment)
  • Volunteer work (e.g. skills and knowledge gained through volunteer work)

For more information about what you need for RPL

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