Assessment Appeals Process

You must submit,in writing, any appeal against the RPL/RCC assessment in writing within 20 working days of the applicant being informed of the result of the assessment. Once we have received the complaint we will begin review within 15 calendar days, usually immediately.  We aim to finalize the process  within 60 calendar days. If the process requires more than 60 calendar days to finalize the complaint we will:

  • inform you in writing, including reasons why we need more than 60 calendar days and

  • regularly update you on the progress of the matter

Appeals will be heard in the first place by your assessor. We will make available appropriate evidence of assessment to applicants who appeal against decisions.

Should the applicant still remain unsatisfied the Principal Executive Officer (PEO) or a GIFT Board member may also be called in to adjudicate.

In cases where no resolution is possible through the means described above, you are able to submit a complaint to ASQA.

ASQA explains the complaints process at this website  You will need to register and make your complaint using ASQA’s online complaints form.

We will immediately implement the final decision and/or corrective action required as a result of the complaints/appeals process once we have finalised process (including any independent person or body involved by request) whether that result upholds the original decision or finds in favour of the applicant.

We will record and hold in confidence all procedures, agreements and action steps.

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