Fees and charges, cooling off period and refunds

Global Institute For Training (GIFT) Incorporated will provide clear, accurate and current information regarding fees, charges, the method of payment and refund policy  to all prospective candidates.

We will detail all fees for assessment in the application information. You must pay the Assessment Fee  as part of the online registration process.

Agreement to proceed

Once you decide to proceed, you must complete the online registration and enter into an “Agreement to proceed with Assessment” with Global Institute For Training (GIFT) Incorporated by checking the tick box agreeing to “Proceed with Assessment”.

We will give ou an opportunity to review your information and choices, allowing you to seek further guidance before choosing your RPL/RCC and/or gap training options and proceeding to payment.

The assessment process commences when we receive both the “Agreement to proceed with Assessment” and the Assessment Fee.

Cooling off period

Once we have received the Agreement to Proceed and Assessment Fee we are allowing a seven (7) calendar day cooling off period. This allows you to contact us in writing to withdraw your application. There will be a modest charge to cover administrative costs.

Should circumstances change after the cooling off period fees will only be refunded according to the refund policy below.

Staged Payment for Gap Training

We expect in most cases you will not need extensive gap training, but if you require gap training in several units, your total fees may exceed $1500.

To safeguard your interests, we would arrange with you a process of staged payments to make sure that you at no stage will have paid more than $1500 in advance of delivery of services.


Candidates withdrawing from the training and assessment process must do so in writing. We do not grant refunds granted except on compassionate grounds at the Principal Executive Officer(PEO)’s discretion.

If we make a determination to not grant RPL/RCC due to lack of evidence supplied within prescribed deadlines, or due to failure to demonstrate competency to the required standard, then we will not issue a refund. In extenuating circumstances, we may extend deadlines at the PEO’s discretion.

This policy also applies to gap training where the candidate does not complete training within the agreed deadlines or fails to demonstrate competency to the required standard after completing the gap training.

Should we be unable to complete the RPL assessment or gap training due to unforeseen circumstances (including changes to our legal or operating structure) we would tell you as soon as possible and arrange a full refund.

We will pay any refunds to the person who originally paid the assessment fees.

This agreement does not remove the applicant’s right to take further action under Australia’s consumer laws.

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