Skills Assessment

Skills and experience that you have gained from your workplace can all count towards the Skills Assessment criteria. Skills Assessment takes into account existing knowledge, making it easier for you to gain a formal qualification based on your workplace experience. By recognising your skills, you can greater enhance your employability credentials with minimum of effort.

The term “skills assessment”,  refers to the evaluation of the expertise of an individual. It requires individuals to respond to specific, often technical, questions to show their knowledge, perform specific tasks, and to demonstrate abilities.

We require a skills assessment for individuals who completed their prior learning more than 2 years ago. All you need to provide is evidence to help assess your experience.

Evidence can be supplied in any of the following forms:

  • Samples of your work to demonstrate your competence
  • Job roles and descriptions
  • Employment history ( can include voluntary and work experience)
  • A validation letter that confirms the authenticity of your information
  • Life experience
  • Third party reports from supervisors from your place of employment

Remember, by providing quality evidence, your assessor can clearly relate your skills to the performance criteria.

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